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Bradley County criminal record checks play a critical role in safety. Individuals may look for a criminal background for various reasons. Criminal record checks can prevent risky individuals from accessing us or our families.

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Bradley County TN Local Criminal Record Databases

Criminal Court (Felony)
2230 Blythe Ave Cleveland, TN 37312
On Location Lookup – Yes

General Sessions Criminal Court (Misdemeanor)
2230 Blythe Ave Cleveland, TN 37311
On Location Lookup – Yes

Bradley County Sheriff Department (BCSO)
2290 Blythe Ave SE, Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone: (423) 728-7311
Records Request
Booking Reports
Most Wanted
Sex Offender Registry Database

Cleveland City Police Department
100 Church St NE, Cleveland, TN 37311
Phone: (423) 476-7511
Records Unit

Bradley County Court Records

To uncover local Bradley County criminal activities, court records are an excellent starting point. They provide information on criminal charges filed against someone and the outcomes of these cases.

Bradley County Police Records

For those needing to acquire someone’s Bradley County criminal history, police records can be sourced from numerous avenues. Depending upon the specifics you’re after and the jurisdiction of the crime, these records may be available using online databases, direct visits to local police departments, or through formal requests to state or federal agencies.


Generally, one can obtain arrest records from the Bradley County sheriff or state police departments. Using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) might be needed in certain circumstances.

Incarceration Records

For insights into somebody’s Bradley County criminal past, inmate records can be helpful. Understanding the charges and periods of jail and prison time can be important when looking at a criminal background. Such records detailing charges and sentences can be sourced from county jails or state departments of corrections.

Criminal Record Classifications:


Infractions in Bradley County TN represent the least extreme criminal offenses, usually leading to small penalties or fines. They may also translate to demerit points on driving records but rarely lead to incarceration.


A criminal conviction, particularly a misdemeanor, can sound alarms throughout background checks, possibly impeding opportunities. The impact of a Bradley County misdemeanor can vary based on its nature and how old it is.

Bradley County Felony Records

Bradley County felonies represent the gravest of criminal activities. Convictions can cause prison sentences and loss of certain civil rights. People with felonies on their criminal records might face considerable challenges because most will view felonies as a red flag.

Sexual Offender Data In Bradley County TN

To ensure individual and household security, accessing Bradley County sex offender records can be important.
Starting with your state’s sex offender registry, preserved by state police or other police bodies, is recommended. These databases provide information on local convicted sex offenders. They allow searches based on names, addresses, or other criteria. Some states categorize sex offenders based on the seriousness of their crimes through a tiered system.

Dwi/Dui Reports In Bradley County

While Bradley County DUIs (Driving Under Impact) are mostly classified as misdemeanors, under certain scenarios, they can intensify to felonies. A misdemeanor DUI will result in fines, whereas a felony DUI may lead to a jail sentence. Those convicted can also deal with fines, driving license suspensions, and other repercussions.

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