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Public Williamson County criminal records are available for examination, providing several benefits. First, they allow verification of an individual, which is essential in individual and organizational relationships. They allow checks on someone’s prospective criminal history, facilitating informed decisions and preventing unreliable associations.
Additionally, these records play a pivotal function in safety. For instance, if an acquaintance has a violent past, understanding this can assist in setting borders, specifically when children are involved.

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Williamson County TN Local Criminal Record Databases

Circuit Court (Felony, Misdemeanor)
135 4th Ave S Franklin, TN 37064
Web Check
On Location Lookup – Yes

General Sessions Court (Misdemeanor, Juvenile, Traffic )
135 4th Ave, Rm 126 Franklin, TN 37064
Web Check
On Location Lookup – Yes

Williamson County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO)
408 Century Ct, Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615) 790-5560
Public Records Request
Sex Offender Registry Database

Franklin Police Department
900 Columbia Ave, Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: (615) 794-2513
Public Records

Williamson County Court Records

Court records are mainly public, indicating that they’re accessible upon request. However, exceptions like juvenile court records and sensitive details (e.g., victim identities or social security numbers) will be restricted. To acquire such records in Williamson County TN, one should approach the court where the case was recorded.

Williamson County Police Records

Police departments are reliable sources for Williamson County criminal history. They typically house records of arrests. One should note:

  • Not every criminal activity gets reported.
  • Proof might be insufficient for certain reported crimes, and the arrest won’t lead to a court case.
  • An arrest does not guarantee a conviction.


Arrest records provide insights into an individual’s past behavior in Williamson County TN; for instance, somebody with several arrests may raise concerns.

Incarceration Records

Inmate records can be useful for different reasons. They reveal an offender’s criminal past to lead to doing time in Williamson County jail or prison.

Criminal Record Classifications:


Infractions in Williamson County TN, like driving uninsured or speeding, generally result in penalties such as fines or points contributed to driving records.


Misdemeanors in Williamson County TN are mid-level offenses, generally penalized with fines, probation, community service, or a short jail stay, depending upon jurisdiction. A misdemeanor conviction enters into one’s criminal record.

Williamson County Felony Records

Williamson County felony convictions are a red flag for one’s criminal record, possibly impeding some life opportunities. Some situations permit expungement for felons, suggesting these convictions won’t appear on background checks.

Sexual Offender Data In Williamson County TN

Background verifications mandate an evaluation of the Williamson County sex offender registry, which catalogs individuals convicted of sexual offenses. Given the significant nature of such criminal activities, most will check this database.

Dwi/Dui Reports In Williamson County

Williamson County DUI convictions introduce a range of consequences, complicating certain endeavors in life, like getting insurance coverage.

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